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The Design Process

Caz Renshaw Designs is very happy to work with you on anything from simple planting advice and design consultation, to fully drawn up planting schemes and complete garden redesign. I also do seasonal garden pruning. Please call or e-mail to discuss.

Garden and Planting Design –
From your initial contact we will arrange a time to meet, and I will come and discuss your ideas and view the site. Preparation for this meeting from the clients' point of view, in terms of magazine clippings and photos of favourite ideas etc, can be invaluable in getting across your perspective. We should also discuss budget at this stage. This meeting usually takes around 90 minutes, and is your main chance to express all your aspirations for the garden and the way you'd like it to be used.

Following the meeting I will prepare a design brief, and do some sketches, and then discuss  with you what can be done for the budget you had in mind. You can then commission a full Garden Design if you wish to.  A full survey will be needed before the design can be finalised, and larger gardens, and those on a steeply sloping site, for example, will need to be surveyed before the design process can begin. This usually requires the services of a dedicated surveying company, and will be charged separately.

Once the design is agreed upon I will do a master plan, and additional construction drawings. We can then set the plan out to tender with trusted local landscapers who will then give us a price for building the garden. When the construction is in process I will be on hand to liaise with the contractors and tweak any problems with the design.

A detailed planting plan can be commissioned in the same way. I will personally select the plants and supervise any planting. I will also supply you with a detailed plant care plan, and am happy to help you to do seasonal pruning, working with you to ensure the best care of the plants and the garden into the future.

Caz Renshaw Designs

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